Job loss: how to maintain stability and avoid budget damage?


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It is natural for a person to get used to stability and a monotonous rhythm of life. If nothing unexpected happens for a long time, one starts to think that life will always be like that. In the afternoon — work, in the evening — family dinner, on weekends — shopping and outdoor trips.

The person relaxes and becomes careless, being completely unprepared for troubles that suddenly invade reality. Just one unforeseen event can sabotage the usual way of life, put an end to all goals and dreams.



When you are out of work…

In your youth, when you are not yet starting a family and are still trying to find your calling, losing a job may not be such a hard blow. But everything changes later in life when you have a family, reach a considerable age and gain a great deal of experience working only in one place. To join the ranks of the unemployed in these circumstances means to end up in a very difficult situation.



How quickly can you find a new job? Will it be possible to train for a new profession in a short period of time and, if necessary, change career? Will there be the same level of salary in the new workplace? There are many questions, and the answers to them are hard to find.

Meanwhile, the money earned earlier is gradually disappearing. Utilities and banks don’t care if you are out of work. They will require you to pay bills and loans, and modest unemployment benefits will not be enough for you to cover all the expenses. Yet you still need to buy food, clothes and shoes for children, refuel your car or spend money on the daily commute. On top of that, inflation damages your money by reducing its purchasing power.

There is nothing to do but to regret the lack of savings and extravagant spending of the years gone by.


...and when there is too much work

Let’s imagine another situation: you have a great job, but your expenses are constantly increasing. The reason for this may be the birth of a child, accumulated debts or payment for expensive medical services. As a result, you are forced to work twice as hard and look for additional sources of income. You have less and less energy as well as free time, you have to deny yourself many things.



We do not want to cause you constant anxiety about the future, but not thinking about it, not to mention not preparing for such scenarios, is extremely unreasonable. You need to make sure that unexpected turns of fate do not become an ordeal for you.


How not to be trapped?

Let’s think — what would help you to cope with the two situations described above? A financial reserve that could become a source of necessary funds for a long period of time.

No, we are not talking about savings. Money comes and goes. One always wants to spend it on something, hence parting with a share of savings is inevitable. Another resource is required, as valuable and in-demand as money, but with which you will not go to the nearest shopping center in order to make a spontaneous and hasty purchase.



The best safety cushion

We’re talking about INVESTMENT GOLD. This is a resource that can be accumulated regularly and consistently without creating a burden for the family budget. It is a reliable asset that protects money from depreciation, serving as a guarantee of your Financial Security. If necessary, you can always sell your gold and get paid.

Buying investment bars is an important step towards securing your family’s future. As with any responsible undertaking, the creation of a gold reserve may seem a daunting task at first glance. But that is not true.


Thanks to the new projects of the GIG-OS platform, purchasing gold has become as simple, convenient and accessible as buying a case for your smartphone in an online store.




"GIG-OS Time-Shift"

allows you to purchase 100-gram bars by paying in parts.


"GIG-OS Fixing"

allows you to fix the cost of gold and not depend on market price fluctuations.


Entrust your Financial Security to gold.

And then no trouble will catch you off guard!


Published: 27.08.2020

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