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Acknowledged experts of the global market rightfully consider gold bars a rational and reliable way of investing in the precious metal. The savvy investor chooses gold bars over coins. This is economically beneficial since a person buys more gold for the same amount.

Investment bars — a smart choice! You will only pay for the precious metal, not for the making of the coin or designer’s work.



Nowadays, everyone can easily acquire bars. The process of buying gold has been simplified and has become accessible to everyone. Is it possible to make this process safer and more profitable?

Sure, if you follow the powerful golden rules that the team of the GIG-OS online platform has developed for you.


Treat news carefully and thoughtfully

A lot of materials about gold are published daily in all kinds of mass media. Unfortunately, news resources do not always carefully check information and often rely on rumors and speculation. So then we see flashy headlines that call to “forget about gold, invest in... this is followed by the name of the asset designed to become a “killer of gold.”

Remember: no news and negative forecasts can radically devalue the precious metal, which has been a fundamental element of the financial system for millennia. Do not succumb to the panic that is fanned by some media, buy gold calmly, having the confidence in the safety of this process.


Don’t be afraid of price fluctuations

The price of gold, like any other asset, is volatile and changes throughout the day. It is normal for the gold rate to fluctuate all of a sudden. Do not worry if you decide to buy gold but its rate suddenly begins to fluctuate sharply. It is important to remember that the cost of the yellow metal is constantly increasing in the long-term and has risen by almost 40% over the past five years.

Think like big investors who are investing millions in creating Financial Security. They don’t spend all day watching price charts.


Cheap does not mean profitable

What if you are offered the yellow metal at a below market price? Feel free to reject such proposals. Most likely, these are a scam. The cost of gold is set by the London Bullion Market Association and is considered the standard for the whole world. Therefore, it is hard to believe that the owner of gold will sell the bar at a loss.


It is more profitable to buy gold regularly

Our 10 years of business experience convincingly proves that those who buy gold on a regular basis achieve success. People build up personal gold reserves faster and begin gaining benefits from owning investment bars.

Those people who constantly postpone the deal and wait for the right moment do not become the owners of gold, and then they really regret it when the price becomes too high for them.

Think in advance and make a plan for buying gold — divide it into stages. Purchase a small amount of the noble metal regularly, every month or two. In order to buy gold safely, comfortably and on the most favorable terms, use the GIG-OS Time Shift project.

The benefits of the project and the way it works:

  • you order bars weighing 100 grams;

  • make payment in parts, according to the chosen schedule;

  • you get additional 5 or 10 grams of gold as a gift every time you complete the deal!

The GIG-OS Time Shift project will help forming the gold reserve progressively and without undue burden on the budget. Along with the gold reserve, your confidence in the future will increase!


Trust gold!

Make a reliable contribution to the financially secure future — participate in the GIG-OS Time Shift project and create a personal gold reserve!




Published: 24.11.2021

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