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Following a long-standing custom, many people still keep their savings at home: put cash into a safe, hide paper money in books, stitch it into a mattress, or bury it in a pot of a houseplant.

They argue it this way: “I feel calmer when money is always at hand.” At the same time, for some reason, they forget about the disadvantages and risks of this approach. And these are very serious.

Spontaneous spending

Not everyone is able to overcome the inclination for impulsive, thoughtless purchases. You suddenly want to buy a new gadget — and the money is right there, in a drawer. And at this moment one forgets that the money was set aside for housing repairs or another important goal. Therefore, quick access to stored money is not always beneficial.

Threat of theft

Don’t think that your stash is special and will never be found. Burglars are true masters of their craft. They know very well where people usually hide valuables. Even an ultra-reliable safe will not stop wrongdoers — they will simply take it out with all its contents.

It has long been noticed that the bigger the amount of money kept at home, the stronger the fear that one day it will be stolen. Some people develop real paranoia because of this.

Sudden accident

A fire or any other force majeure can deprive you of your savings hidden under the bed or behind the baseboard. But even more often the reason for the loss of savings is carelessness and forgetfulness. For example, one woman in Belarus sold a box with wine glasses, and later she recalled that there were 13 thousand dollars hidden in the box.


You may be quite sure that your money is safely hidden in a stash, but at this very time inflation “is stealing” it from you. The cash itself does not go away, but its purchasing power is declining. Surely you’ll agree that opening the piggy bank after 2-3 years and finding that the collected money can buy only half as much as before will be unpleasant.

What to do? Is putting money in a bank, where it will be just as defenseless against inflation, really the only option?



An alternative solution is to buy investment gold bars on the GIG-OS online platform.


Let’s consider the advantages of this method.

Low risk of misuse

A gold bar is not a bundle of money that can be spent in one minute. Therefore, the precious metal serves as an ideal savings asset for those who are used to impulse buying.

Beneficial and reliable storage conditions

You don’t have to hide the bars under your pillow at home. Leave the purchased gold in a certified vault with a high level of security and do not worry about the safety of your assets. The purchased bars will be available in your personal account on the online platform.

Security, stability and prospects 

Unlike a banknote, a gold bar will not burn in a fire or fall victim to inflation. The turmoils in the global economy cannot cause the yellow metal, the value of which is growing steadily in the long term, to depreciate.

This means that the investment bars:

  • preserve invested money;

  • increase the chances of its accumulation due to the increasing price of gold.

These factors influence the growing popularity of the yellow metal around the world. Bars weighing 100 grams are in the greatest demand among companies and natural persons. And only on our platform they can be paid in installments thanks to the GIG-OS Time Shift project.

According to the terms of the project, a client independently chooses the payment schedule and the amount of regular installments. This helps to avoid financial burden while creating a personal gold reserve. After completing each deal, the buyer gets a gift — additional 5 or 10 grams of the precious metal!


Savings are your future.

Take it seriously — make wise and deliberate decisions!




Published: 26.08.2021
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