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Gold is a rare noble metal, which has been highly valued by people throughout the history of mankind.

Properties of gold:

• High density: a kilogram of the precious metal constitutes a ball with a diameter of 4,5 centimeters.

• Plasticity: a single troy ounce (31,1 grams) of the precious metal can be stretched into an 80 kilometers long wire with a 1/10 thickness of a human hair.

• Rarity: 1 ton of rock accounts for only 4 mg of the precious metal.

• Chemical inertia: gold never rusts.

• Melting point: 1065 ° C.

Video: the process of making Global InterGold gold bars.

"Gold" terminology

• The term "troy gold ounce" takes its name from the French town of Troyes in France, where a standardized weight system of precious metals was adopted in the 12th and 13th centuries. One troy ounce is 31,1 grams. The classic investment gold bar of 400 troy ounces, which looks like a brick, weighs 12,5 kg.

• The unit of gold’s purity measurement is called a carat (the word comes from the Greek κεράτιον, carato in Italian and karat in German.) Carats are carob seeds, known for their mass consistency. Each seed pod weighs 200 milligrams. The weight of gold in carats can be 10, 12, 14, 18, 22 or 24. The larger this number is, the better the precious metal gets.

In the photo: carats - carob fruits that have the same weight.

• A gold bar – a block of the precious metal with a certain shape, mass and quality characteristics. The quality of the gold bar is indicated by its fineness – the content of pure gold in the alloy. A gold with the highest level of fineness (999) is used in the making process of gold bars – 99,9 percent of the pure precious metal.

Gold of the Universe

• According to space research data, the near-Earth asteroid Eros 433 contains more gold than the entire planet Earth.

• According to scientists' estimates, 6 million tons of gold have been dissolved in salty ocean waters, however it is impossible to extract it due to the lack of appropriate technology.

• The tiniest particles of gold are scattered in the environment. Specialists claim that if all the gold that is scattered around a person in nature can be collected, then a precious cube of several grams can be cast by the end of one’s life.

It turns out that…

• Having a matchbox of gold is enough to gild the surface of the whole tennis court.

• Theoretically 1 gram of gold can be rolled into a translucent foil with an area of 1 square kilometer.

• A solution of hydrochloric and nitric acids called "aqua regia" is capable of dissolving gold.

• Gold jewelry items are composed of 1/6 re-used precious metal. In theory, some of the gold from which modern jewelry is made of were obtained by the ancient Egyptians or the Incas.

• Gold is prone to abrasion. If a ring with the highest fineness of gold is worn throughout life without ever removing it, such a ring will become twice as thinner.

• In the 14th century, a bubonic plague medication was prepared from molten gold and pounded emeralds.

• Inhabitants of some Indian provinces believe that the intake of gold can help a person to master the skill of levitation.

• The world's largest gold bar was made in Japan. It weighs 250 kilograms.

In the photo: the world's largest gold bar listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The market value of the precious "giant" is $8,500,000.


Gold holds a stable position in the world economy and never depreciates. This is a long-term investment that will help to preserve and accumulate your capital. Gold is a reliable asset that will protect your money from the market collapse and inflation.


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Published: 30.05.2018

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