Event in Parma: supremacy and leadership unite the strongest ones


Meeting in Parma

On April 24, 2022, more than 50 GIG-OS Business partners gathered in Northern Italy.

The fabulously beautiful city of Parma hospitably welcomed the guests — it was there that the most important event for the Partners and clients took place. The conference, organized by Leaders Ciro Orlando and Fabio Lauria, in collaboration with the Partner in business Cosimo Notarstefano, aroused extraordinary interest.


Focusing on success

The digital age requires the highest level of work and timely knowledge. The Leaders inspired the conference participants not only by setting an example, but also by sharing best practices and cases.

At the event, a presentation was shown that would help to further transform their own business and increase sales. The organizers paid attention to the most important values of GIG-OS and the basics of entrepreneurial skills.

The event brought together the most purposeful people striving to achieve success together with like-minded individuals, so it was very important to boost their motivation even more.

At the conference, the festive awarding of the Leaders with commemorative watches took place. GIG-OS watches are an indicator of trust, a special attitude of the company to those who deserve this gift, a proof of the impeccable reputation and reliability of the Partner in business.


Strength lies in unity

An atmosphere of joy and success, inspiration and solidarity reigned on the stage. The organizers of the event once again emphasized the importance of unity, mutual support and productive cooperation. At such meetings, the ability to help people achieve what they have always dreamed of increases.


Partner Cosimo Notarstefano:


“Without perseverance, you will be defeated before you even begin doing something. With perseverance — you will win! Dreaming of grandiose victories costs nothing.”


Leader Ciro Orlando:


“It doesn’t matter where you start, what matters is how you see yourself in the future. Work hard and you will achieve more.”


The conference participants were thrilled, they expressed their deep appreciation for the opportunity to meet in Parma.


We thank our Partners for the inspiring event held at the highest level!

Your initiatives will serve as an example for the Business partners in different countries of the world!


The brightest and most exciting moments of the conference in Parma — in the photo report from the event:


Published: 08.06.2022

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