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“Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.”

Mark Twain, American writer, journalist and public figure


Conduct the following experiment just for the sake of curiosity: carefully observe your behavior and emotional reactions for at least a couple of hours. Think — how did you act at that time? Did you think through every single action or did you sometimes act spontaneously, automatically, as if preprogrammed?

Most likely, you will find out that a lot of things have been done automatically, without thinking. That’s how the behavioral stereotypes that govern our lives are manifested. People get used to generally accepted patterns of behavior and thus act or idle in a cliched way — out of habit.


Good money habits and bad money habits

Behavioral stereotypes concerning money, things and consumption sometimes seriously hurt the wallet and lower the level of well-being.

The fridge must be full! Have you paid attention to how customers behave in supermarkets? Many people fill their carts with so many groceries as if they prepare for war. Oftentimes they are motivated not by the real need for such an amount of food, but by the desire to stock up on food for future use, especially if tempting discounts are offered.

What is the result? Some of the purchased products will remain untouched, start to decompose and be thrown away. According to the data provided by the UN, a third of all food products end up in the dump. It turns out that those who like to make stocks are wasting about a third of their money.

You need to grab any advantageous offer! Buying two t-shirts for the price of one? Excellent, let’s take it, everything will come in handy! People buy what they don’t need, instantly reacting to the low price and visual appeal of the product.

What is the result? Money is spent, things are piled up in closets and entresols, while the quality of life is not improving.



Transitioning to a financial mindset

The only way to get rid of detrimental financial habits is to develop and gradually internalize a new code of conduct which free, happy and wealthy people live by. Ask yourself the following question more often: “What would a person with a financial mindset do in my place?” The more answers you find, the faster you will master the financial mindset.

Naturally, you will need increased self-control at first. Systematic actions aimed at strengthening financial protection will help substitute the poor man’s habits with those of the rich more quickly. Simply put — the formation of reliable, risk-free savings.

While some people spend money on trinkets, purposeful individuals put funds into promising assets. For example, investment gold.


The favorite metal of the rich

Everyone wants to have savings that will ensure stability, freedom and will grow in price. That is why the demand for gold is so high all over the world. The noble metal is not subject to the influence of inflation and other negative economic phenomena. For half a century, its cost has been demonstrating an upward trend, accumulating the wealth of those who own gold bars.

Constantly replenishing your gold reserve is a sure way to a sustainable future. We have created the GIG-OS Time Shift project to help our clients purchase investment bars in the most convenient and profitable way.

How this works:

1. You order bars weighing 100 grams.

2. Choose a payment schedule and the amount of regular contributions.

3. Pay for the order in small parts.

4. Upon completion of every deal, you get a bonus — additional 5 or 10 grams of gold!


Get rid of destructive habits!


Start thinking and taking action like the rich!




Publicado: 16.12.2021

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