Investment gold. What is it?

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When we speak about gold, as the foundation of Financial Security, we mean investment gold. Gold bars and coins also fall under this category.

Global InterGold works exclusively with investment gold bars. We are going to tell you more about them in this article.

The investment gold bars are ingots made of gold, the fineness of which is no less than 995 (23,88 carats). In the production of Global InterGold gold bars, gold of the highest fineness is used: 999,9.

The fineness represents the percentage of gold in the metal alloy, denoting the purity of gold.

For example, 999,9 means that the alloy contains 99,9% of pure gold.

Every year about a thousand tons of gold bars are purchased throughout the world. One-ounce gold bars (31,1035 grams) are especially popular among buyers.

The biggest gold bar was cast in Japan. Its weight is 250 kilograms, and the price — more than 10 million dollars.

The price of investment gold is determined by the ratio of supply and demand on the market as well as by the current state of the world economy. In times of crisis, when currencies weaken, the price of the noble metal usually increases.

Such a peculiarity makes investment gold an effective Financial Security tool. The yellow metal is widely used as an insurance against inflation and currency fluctuations. Experts recommend storing 10-20% of savings in gold.


Jewelry, coins or gold bars: which is more profitable?

The price of gold jewelry is determined not only by the content of gold, but also by the elegance of the design and its artistic value. When you buy jewelry, you pay extra for the work of jewelers and product exclusivity. Jewelry is not recommended to be used as an investment, it’s all about aesthetic pleasure and nothing else.

Speaking of coins, there is also a mark-up for the design and higher manufacturing costs as opposed to gold bars.

When you buy a gold bar, you pay solely for the gold from which it is made. The price of the gold bar changes based on the market value of the yellow metal: if it increases, the ingot becomes more expensive. Over the past 20 years, the price of gold has increased by 415%, proving that gold bars are a profitable long-term investment.

We buy jewelry to please the eye.

Investment gold is used to preserve and accumulate money.


Global InterGold gold bars

Our company offers a wide range of branded investment gold bars weighing from 1 to 100 grams each.

How Global InterGold branded gold bars are made?

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Our experience shows that gold is a reliable and profitable asset that rightfully deserves people’s trust all over the world.



Publicado: 11.07.2019

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