How to store your gold risk-free?

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Everyone who invests financial resources in gold thinks about having a safe and reliable storage for precious stocks. It is important to take into account the specifics of the country's legislation and be sure that local authorities do not confiscate gold savings.

Why not in the safety deposit box?

Experts advise not to store valuable savings in bank’s safety deposit boxes. In their opinion, this is the worst option for storing precious metals, because in this case, savings are not insured by the bank, yet fall under the jurisdiction of banking rules. This means that in case of bankruptcy of the bank, the depositor does not have a gold return guarantee. In addition, the personal information of the deposit box owner can be disclosed to local authorities, if necessary. The above-mentioned factors, in turn, can lead to the confiscation of gold savings.

The storage of gold in the bank is called an "unallocated storage." This means that when you place your gold in the bank’s safety deposit box, you become a non-collateral creditor of the bank. In fact, you own only "paper" gold, the value of which depends on the solvency of the chosen bank.

Advantages of storing gold in the professional gold storage

A storage is a special premise that is equipped with the latest technical means to ensure the high level of security for the deposits.

The storage of allocated gold in professional storage facilities is the safest option for saving gold reserves. Allocated gold means physical gold bars, each of which has a serial number.

Allocated gold does not constitute a property of the depository. This means that the owner of the precious metal is fully protected.

Deposits are kept safe based on the custodial storage agreement, the details of which are known only to the depositor and the representative of the depository.

Safety of savings

There are only a few states that have excellent conditions for the financial sector, including the protection of personal information and the high security of private sector contributions. Under no circumstances will the authorities of these countries have the right to confiscate private savings. This key factor attracts depositors from all over the world to use depositories of these countries.

Best countries for gold storage

According to the leading experts in the financial industry, some countries are more suitable for storing gold reserves than others. We tell you in which states it is better to store gold.

1. Singapore

This state of Southeast Asia is top-ranked among the countries whose gold depositories are considered to be the best in the world. Singapore is one of the safest countries on the planet. Crime and corruption are practically absent here. All the actions of the authorities and internal political processes are transparent and understandable. The economic stability, the high level of well-being of its population, a favorable investment climate and competitive prices for gold storage compound the list of advantages of Singapore.

The main advantage for storing gold savings here is a modern and innovative approach to gold storage services.

The Safe House is based in Singapore - a high-tech storehouse of gold and other precious metals. Depositors can safely store their gold reserves for a long period of time in this storage that is equipped with an advanced security system.

2. Austria

The geographical position gives this country an absolute advantage: if you want to store your gold within the territory of the European Union, then Austria is one of the best options. This is the only European state where a bank secrecy is observed, and a full financial confidentiality of the depositor is ensured. An anonymous storage of valuable savings is possible here.

The state policy on investment gold is stable, therefore, changes in the law regarding the storage of gold are unlikely.

There is a private depository of precious savings Das Safe in Vienna. The institution has been operating on the financial market for more than 40 years and provides services for the storage of physical valuables and electronic data.

3. Switzerland

Over the decades, this European country has been a traditional place for money storage and gold savings. Switzerland has established itself as an authoritative partner with an impeccable reputation.

In recent years, the banking sector of the state has been under intense pressure from U.S. supervisors, as a result of which Switzerland can no longer retain its banking secrecy. Despite this, the level of service and the quality of gold storage services remain at the highest professional level.

One of the most famous Swiss storage facilities is Casaforte, offices of which are located in the cities of Lugano and Basel.


By purchasing gold, you will ensure financial well-being and stability for yourself and your family.

Gold is a foundation of financial security!

Preserve and accumulate!



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Publicado: 06.06.2018
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