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The constant rise in prices has an impact on every person’s life. Due to inflation, the purchasing power of the currency has decreased, and now even if you have savings, it does not guarantee that there will be enough money for everything you need.

The developments make us think about how to protect the acquired funds from depreciation in the most efficient way. The arguments of financial experts who warn of a new threat on the horizon add relevance to this issue. Increasingly, the word “stagflation” is heard in the discussions on the economy.


What does the term mean?

Stagflation is a situation where an increase in prices is accompanied by a decline in the economy, a slowdown in production, and mass unemployment.

Symptoms of this phenomenon are already being observed in many parts of the world. Energy prices are rising: since January, coal has risen in price by an average of 69% worldwide, gas by 55% in the US and by 27% in Europe.

According to the World Bank, over the past two years, oil has become more expensive by 350% — such a price hike has not happened for almost half a century. Exorbitantly expensive energy carriers can cause a reduction in production on a global scale.

Against this background, a good example of ensuring Financial Security is shown by central banks, which are diligently replenishing gold reserves. Gold has traditionally been used as a defensive asset during times of economic turmoil.


The precious metal protects savings from inflation and helps to overcome the crisis with minimal financial losses.




Publicado: 21.07.2022

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